The symbol of justice and truth, Libra is said to mark the moment in time when days and nights are equal – the autumnal equinox. Its two manually crafted glass bulbs perfectly balance light and shadow, as in a perpetual attempt to suspend time. The vintage look of the metallic elements is the result of metallic plating, an artisan process that adds a protective and also glimmering layer on the central pillar and the two arms of the lamp, followed by aging patina. These techniques make every piece unique.

As an exquisite decorative lamp, Libra will fit in any environment, be it the modern interior of an office, or the warm, cozy ambient of an intimate room, at home.

Colors and textures of metal components are obtained through artisan process- it may involve grinding, copper or brass plating, aging patina, engravings, lakes or stabilizers.

Crafted oak counter top
Glass teardrop lampshade by glass blowing
Equipped with LED light
L32*8*H45 cm
L12.6*3.14*H17.7 inches